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Easy christmas cookie. Cook your own meal restaurant.

Easy Christmas Cookie

easy christmas cookie

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Two of THE easiest cookie treats to make at Christmastime -

Peanut Butter Kisses: any peanut butter cookie mix - follow package directions, and plomp a Hershey's chocolate kiss into the middle as soon as they come outta the oven. We are going to make a batch with chocolate chip cookie batter, sans chips, and use the kisses, for my oldest to take to HIS school later this week. He didn't like the pbutter flavor of these.

Other one: Magic Cookie Bars! My mom allllways made this at Christmas, and they're so easy. Melt a stick of butter in a 13x9 (inch) glass pan @ 375*F - evenly sprinkle with a cup and a half of graham cracker crumbs, pour on a 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk - top with a cuppa semi-sweet chocolate chips, about half a bag of sweetened coconut flakes (and you can also add chopped walnuts which I do not 'cause I don' like'em) - press the chips & flakes lightly down - bake for 'bout 25-30 min til the coconut is goldeny toasted. Cool (you can refridge if you like) and cut into bars.

SAD thing is - AGAIN! none of these are for us - this was my PTSA baking for today's teacher & staff SweetTreat day @ youngest's school <3

Assorted Christmas Cookies in Japanese Multi-Tiered Box

Assorted Christmas Cookies in Japanese Multi-Tiered Box

This tier has more "homey" cookies, however, their all taste spectacular. Drop cookies such as the various chocolate chips cookies featured here are one of the easiest cookies to make. Once you acquired a small ice-cream scoop, portioning the dough is simple. The key to perfectly shaped drop cookies is to know the dough. Some dough does not spread very well in the oven so I would give them a little help by flattening the little balls of dough into thick rounds. Others are less finicky and will spread to a nice round circle in the oven.

Squares are also great options for holiday baking because one batch can yield many pieces without too much work. The only trick is to have good cutting technique. Cutting the slab into tiny portions of equal size takes a little practice but well worth the effort.

easy christmas cookie

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